Host a Party

Our Stylists love helping hostesses earn free totes! Whether your party is on-line or in-home, your Luci Bags representative will be by your side to ensure your party is a success! No Stylist, no problem! We'll get you connected with a fantastic rep!

The Perks of Hosting

The more you share, the more you earn! Hostess rewards start at $200 and get even better as your party grows! Share your party link with your friends across the US and Canada - all orders will ship directly to each customer! It's that easy!

Party Total Hostess Rewards Free Shipping *
$1000+ 30% Yes
$500 - $999 25% Yes
$300 - $499 20% Yes
$200 - $299 10% Yes
$150 n/a Yes

* FREE shipping applies to US hostesses only. Canadian hostesses receive reduced shipping charges figured on their after-rewards total.

Party FAQ

I'm in Canada, can I host a party?

Yes, Canadian customers can now earn hostess rewards credit! Hostesses are responsible for all applicable customs duties & fees. International shipping charges apply, calculated on the after-rewards total of the order. Ex. A Canadian hostess applies $175 of rewards towards her $250 order. Her shipping charge is $16, as figured on her out-of-pocket cost of $75.

Can I have an in-home party?

Our team of Stylists is rather small and the nearest Stylist may not be within driving distance. We recommend using the link above to be connected with an active Stylist for an online party. All of our ladies have great photos and videos to help you view your favorite Luci Bags in action!

How do I earn a free tote?

Your Stylist will provide tips for the best possible party results. Make your party exciting and fun! The more friends and buzz you create, the better your party will do!

How do I use my credit?

As soon as your Stylist closes your party a single-use Hostess Rewards Coupon will be emailed to you. It can be used on your Stylist's site within 60 days.

Can guests order online?

Absolutely! Your Stylist will provide you with a party link you can share with friends near and far. We ship to the US, Canada and APO boxes-so invite away!

How do guests get their orders?

All orders are shipped directly to your guests from our facility in Dallas, TX. Most US orders arrive within 2-7 business days, 9-15 days to Canada.

What if my guest wants an item that isn't in-stock?

No problem! Your party will be credited when your guest places their order. Any in-stock portion of their order will ship immediately and we'll ship the backordered item(s) once available.