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TIP: Displaying Bulky Products

While actual products do lend that extra wow factor, there are some items that just don't fit!  Luz, of Etsy shop Craftytude, has created a striking display using photos of her brightly-colored banners and party décor.  A full-pocket contact card lets customers know, she's open for business!  Be sure to use matte photos for best results.  Glossy finishes can create a bubble-effect on the plastic windows. 

STYLE IT: Jewelry Tote

Jewelry is one of our favorite items to style in a display bag. It's visibly interesting and so easy to sell right out of your tote.  For smaller items like necklaces and earrings, use jewelry cards (or simply black cardstock) to keep them up and evenly spaced.  Always include a call-to-action and for a personal touch add a bit of branded packaging.  Above all, keep your window a showcase - carrying any extra inventory and packaging inside your tote.