There are many ways to create a fantastic and eye-catching display.  These photos (from real customers) utilize some of our favorite tips and you should too!  

The LARGE ACCESSORY BAG makes a perfect money bag [fold order forms, checks/cash and keep close all night], diaper bag [holds 2-3 diapers and a slim pack of wipes] or inventory organizer.  Stack smaller inventory like lipstick, nail strips, jewelry, or drink samples inside and slip right into your display tote.  You'll be able to quickly grab and locate just the product or sample you need at a moment's notice.

Keep smaller items like essential oils, jewelry and even cosmetics upright using WINDOW CARDS.  A little double-sided tape will hold your products in place for a neat and professional looking display.  Using a permanent maker, you can add a call-to-action or description - especially helpful for newer products or flavors.  

Many people, like coworkers and friends, will see your tote over and over again.  Give them something to look forward to by rotating your products and creating SEASONAL & FUN displays.  If you use catalog clippings or photos, keep three in each pocket so you can quickly switch it up.  Use themed cardstock, stickers or seasonal products to add a little festive cheer.  Customers are especially interested in gifts during Christmas, Valentine's Day, Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day.  If you carry inventory, be sure to include a "Perfect Gifts Inside" call-to-action.

Join a party or ask your Stylist for more tips, tricks and ideas. 


While actual products do lend that extra wow factor, there are some items that just don't fit!  Luz, of Etsy shop Craftytude, has created a striking display using only photos.  Sticking with a neutral and consistent background, your eye focuses on her brightly-colored banners and party décor.  A contrasting contact card lets customers know without a shadow of a doubt, this lady doesn't just have an odd obsession with birthday banners... she's open for business!  Be sure to use matte photos for best results.  Glossy finishes can create a bubble-effect on the plastic windows.