Hosting a Luci Bags party is a win-win! Your guests get a great tool to boost their business (which likely means yours too!) and you earn free totes. Keep your rewards for yourself or use as team incentives - the gift that keeps on giving!  Everything happens online, making it super easy to get all of your friends in on the action no matter how far away they might live. Your Stylist will share tons of photos, ideas and of course product information to help your guests choose the perfect tote. Most importantly, she’ll share how to create an eye-catching display that will best showcase your guests' business and products.  



We can’t thank you enough for sharing Luci Bags, but we know free bags are a good start! Hostess rewards begin at $200 in party sales and increase as your party grows.


Party FAQ

  • I'm outside of the US, can I host a party?

    Yes, international customers can earn the same hostess rewards plus reduced shipping.  Hostesses are responsible for all applicable customs duties and fees.  International shipping charges apply, calculated on the after-rewards total of the order.

  • Can I have an in-home party?

    You may contact your Stylist or to see if there is a Stylist near you.  Our entire Stylist team has great photos and videos and will be more than happy to help you see your favorite Luci Bag in action!

  • How do I earn a free tote?

    Before your party begins, your Stylist will share tips to make your party successful. Engagement is KEY!  The more buzz you create, the better your party will do!  On average, parties with 5 tote sales will earn a free bag for the hostess.  As your party total increases, your hostess rewards percentage grows - up to 30%!

  • How do I redeem my reward?

    When your Stylist closes your party, a single-use Hostess Rewards Coupon will be emailed to you.  It can be used on your Stylist's site within 60 days.  Hostess rewards must be used in one transaction.  If you have any troubles redeeming your reward just reach out to your Stylist. 

  • Can we get a team discount instead of Hostess Rewards?

    Absolutely! Group orders are hands-down the best way to get a great deal on a new Luci Bag. Here’s how it works! Round up 5, or more, friends for your order. They can each choose their own bag (any style/size/print) and accessories, but the order must be placed by 1 person and ship to 1 location. Before placing your order, ask your Stylist for a group order code. Based on the number of bags for your order, she will provide a discount code in lieu of hostess rewards.

  • How are guest orders handled?

    All orders are shipped directly to your guests from our facility in Dallas, Texas. Most U.S. orders arrive within 2-3 business days, international orders typically take 9-15 business days.

    If your guest ordrs an item currently on backorder, your party will be credited when your guest places their order. Any in-stock portion of their order will ship immediately and we'll ship the backordered item(s) once available.